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The story behind Earth to Centauri by Kumar L

I am delighted to welcome fellow author Kumar L to Bookaholic blog today. Buckle up Bookaholics because you're in for the ride of your life. Find out about the science behind the book and how fact and fiction are woven together to bring  a cracking series to fruition.

Alpha Centauri the nearest star system to Earth has always fascinated astronomers, scientists and fiction readers. The system holds a certain mystery because despite it is being our nearest neighbour we know very little about it. The current technology limits our understanding of the twin stars. Some probes launched in the last century will still take decades to travel outside our system. They may conceivably never reach Alpha Centauri. None of the SETI programmes have as yet found evidence of intelligence life. So the question of whether we are alone in the universe may still remain unanswered for many decades to come.

Breaking a bit from traditional dystopian Science Fiction this book takes a realistic look at how first contact may happen. A signal is finally received and decoded. Building a ship capable of travelling faster than light takes years with gl oval efforts. But finally a task force led by Captain Anara embark on the long journey to Alpha Centauri which is expected to take many months.

But what they find on Proxima B will raise more questions than give solutions. What was the secret which was hidden on Voyager 1 in 1977? Can we send unarmed & unprotected ships into interstellar space to explore the unknown? Isn’t it always that decisions taken by politicians and back-office boys affect those in the field?

Using a bit of science and engineering, the reader is taken through the journey from Earth to Proxima B on board space ship Antariksh. We explore the making of the ship, the technology used and how it could possibly work. It delves into ethical and moral dilemmas. What if artificial intelligence can be manipulated and we’d never know? It looks at xenophobia in a larger context. Would it be possible for us to let go of our fear of those who are not like us?

This book will take you on a journey like none other. Explore technology and space in an authentic and refreshing way, while dodging lasers and aliens, solving mysteries on the way.

Thank you Kumar. It's been a pleasure having you on the blog.

Author Bio 

Kumar is an engineer by education and passionate about manufacturing. He has spent decades in a full time corporate role.

He is a tech enthusiast and social media newbie. He loves travelling and is fluent in 7 languages. With a utopian outlook on the future and a desire to make science fiction a bit more realistic, he has brought out his first book ‘Earth to Centauri’.

Surprisingly, his books on science fiction are simple and easy to read & understand for a wide range of age groups. They are based on themes of adventure, thrill and drama with a positive outlook at what the future may hold for humanity.

He is currently working on the second book of the series 7 and translation of his first book has just been released.

He can be reached on Twitter @Captain_Anara, or Instagram at KumarLAuthor.

Monday, 30 October 2017

Undivided Heart

Having read Mill's Forgetful Heart I was very much looking forward to the release of this one. My excitement and anticipation were both well rewarded with this thoughtful and inspiring book.

The author's passion for the topic shines through and this results in a deeply satisfying read. When I say read, I don't mean it in the sense of reading from one end to the other without stopping. I found myself having to stop on numerous occasions and think about a verse or the implications of what has been said. 

I found myself examining my own heart and my relationship with God, which I am sure was the author's intent. In this she succeeded. At the end of each chapter is guided reflection, and these supported the discussion well. Mills is open and honest about her own journey and I found this too, to be helpful. 

The poems, written by the author herself, which are included in the book are prayers in their won right. I found myself using them as such. 

The blurb says that the book is written to help us examine our motivation and purpose, and it certainly does this. Each chapter takes a different topic. It certainly made me reach deep down inside myself and re-examine the reasons why I act the way I do. 

At the core of the book is God himself, just the way it should be. Our relationship tip God, and finding a deeper relationship is what this book is all about.

I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, that all Christians should read this book. It will make you take stock and examine your purposes in your daily life. 

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Thank you for joining me Bookaholics. It's  cold frosty morning here in Dundee so I'm off to find another book to read. Wherever you are, and whatever the weather, remember it's always a perfect time to read. 

Sunday, 17 September 2017

50 Instagram Hashtags for Writers

For the past few weeks I have been exploring how to use Instagram more effectively as an author. I've learnt a lot and put the ideas into practice. However, I discovered that there are a humongous amount of #Hashtags out there which writers can use. As I'm in a caring, sharing sort of mood I thought I would put some of these together in one place. I'm hoping this will help you as a writer. So without further ado we have:



#quoteof the day


#romantic suspense

Hope this has helped. If you know of any more then please add them in the comments so we can all learn and develop. If you would like more help with marketing your books then check out Power Packed Book Marketing

Wendy H. Jones is the author of the best selling and award winning DI Shona Mckenzie Mystery series of crime books. Her first Young Adult book was a finalist in the Woman Alive Magazine Readers Choice Award. She also runs Equipped to Write, a writing and marketing training and consultancy, along with Andrew J. Chamberlain.

You can find out more on her Website

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Evernote for Authors and Public Speakers

I think I can safely assume that everyone who requires a tool for recording notes on computers and mobiles, has heard of Evernote. I have been using the free version for many years now. However, about a year ago I made the decision to move over to the paid version. I do not regret that decision for a minute. So, I thought I would take some time to explain why I think it is so good for authors and Public Speakers.

At its basic level the app works as a notebook. Nothing earth shattering about this I hear you say. I have a notes app on my phone/tablet/computer. Not like this you don't. The ability to sort notes into notebooks is writers gold. I have a notebook for each of my series, sub notebooks for the individual books, and notes within these. Everything I need for all my writing projects in one place. 

However, this is so much more than just a notebook. If I see something which inspires me for any of my books I quickly snap a picture and send it to the relevant notebook. I can then jot notes underneath and add audio if I want to. Therefore I can capture the sights and sounds, if not the smells. Knowing how technology is moving on it wouldn't surprise me if we were able to add smells one day. 

I have added Evernote Clipper to my web browser. If I come across a blog, or article, which is helpful then I merely click on clipper and it is saved to Evernote. I use these for both writing, and for public speaking. If I am talking about book marketing and see a useful article I will send it to the relevant notebook for Presentations/BookMarketing. It is there when I go to prepare the presentation. All my research appears together in the relevant folder. 

Tagging notes helps you to find them more easily and adding location is useful for remembering where you were when inspiration struck, or photos were taken.  

Another way in which I use Evernote is for writing my books. If I have a few minutes to spare and an idea comes to me I pull out my phone and start to write. When I get to the manuscript proper, it is a simple matter of copying and pasting to Word, or whatever programme you use for writing. One word of warning here, Evernote uses the Times Font. You will need to change it to Times New Roman for anything you copy and paste, or whatever font you are using.

Lastly, and my favourite feature, anything added on one device will synch in seconds to all the other devices where Evernote is loaded. So write on your phone, copy and paste on your computer. Superb. 

I hope I have convinced you that Evernote is well worth investing in for all those who are writing or public speaking. By the way, I am not on commission. I have no investment in the programme other than loving it. I wanted others to know just how useful it can be. 

Winner of the Books Go Social Book of the Year 2017
Shortlisted for the Woman Alive Readers Choice Award 2017

About the Author


Wendy H. Jones is the award winning author of the best selling DI Shona McKenzie Mystery series of crime novels set in Dundee. Killer's Crew, the fifth booking the series was released in November, 2016 and won the Books Go Social Book of the Year 2017. Dagger's Curse, the first book in her Fergus and Flora, Young Adult Mystery series was released on 10th September, 2016 and is currently shortlisted for the Woman Alive Readers Choice Award 2017. She also has one non fiction book, Power Packed Book Marketing: Sell More Books.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

It's Big, It's Bold, It's ScotsWrite17

As an author I am a member of the Society of Authors, an organisation which works to support the interests of British Authors. As a Scot, I am honoured to be part of the committee of the Scottish branch, The Society of Authors in Scotland. 

As a writer I know the importance of investing in my career, and I take every opportunity to develop my writing, and marketing, skills. Therefore, today I bring you news of the ScotsWrite Conference. I am very excited about being on the organising committee for this. The lineup of speakers is phenomenal and I am very much looking forward to hearing them. I mean, who could resist hearing Joanne Harris, Joanna Penn and Jane Johnson. Speakers with names beginning with Letters other than J, will be available. 

With four strands there is something for everyone. These cover everything an author needs, and then some. They are:
  • Passion and Mission: What you love (your passion and dreams; finding ideas; identifying your audience; telling the story your way)
  • Mission and vocation: What the world needs and what you need (your well-being as a writer; the role of writers in education; fostering creativity and imagination for a healthy society; the power of words; forging cultural links through translation; how to use technology)
  • Vocation and Profession: What you can be paid for (how to get paid – properly; understanding markets and marketing; what are your assets and how to safeguard them)
  • Profession and Passion: What you are good at (empowering yourself as a writer; diversifying your skills; building your professional reputation)

The programme will be launched on Facebook, Thursday, 15th June at 7 pm. You can join us here

There are affiliate rates for many organisations including, but not limited to, Scottish Association of Writers and Association of Christian Writers. The early bird rate ends 22nd June, so make sure you book before then to get a great rate. Being Scottish, I wouldn't want anyone to miss out on a bargain. The spaces re filling up fast, with delegates coming from as far away as Canada. 

One last thing, did I mention there will be a Ceilidh. What's not to like?

You can find out more about the conference, and book your place, by clicking on the link below. I'm looking forward to meeting you there.

Author Bio


Amazon Author Page

Wendy H. Jones is the author of the best selling DI Shona McKenzie Mystery series of crime novels set in Dundee. Killer's Crew, the fifth booking the series was released in November, 2016. Dagger's Curse, the first book in her Fergus and Flora, Young Adult Mystery series was released on 10th September, 2016. She also has one non fiction book, Power Packed Book Marketing: Sell More Books.

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Book Marketing Challenge and More Ideas to Get You Started

Some months ago I wrote a blog about a 30 day book marketing challenge. This was very well received with many people saying they found this useful. I thought it was about time to set another challenge to help you, the author, get those book sales moving. So, who's up for the challenge? Thirty days of concerted effort to improve your marketing, and this sell more books. Here are ten ways to get you started.

1. On this day - link your book to a day in history, or a national day. Did you know today, 30th May, is National Mint Julep Day, National Hole in my Bucket Day, and National Water a Flower Day. This can be fun. An example of this. My books are set in Scotland. National Tartan Day was the perfect day for all my books. A quick graphic (see tip 2) and a tweet and there you are.
2. Use Canva to develop graphics for social media. This is a simple tool to help you develop graphics for all your social media posts. Here's an example of my graphics for Tartan Day.

Twitter - Tartan Day Promotion

Instagram - Tartan Day Promo

3. Explore the use of one social media channel you are not already using. Instagram can be used effectively to get the word out about your books. 

4. Follow at least four writers in your genre - do this on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest

5. Be helpful - comment and share another writer's posts on Facebook and Twitter. Do this because you want to support them, not because you want anything back. 

6. Send out four tweets linking to articles which will help other writers. After you have done this send 1 tweet about your books.

7. If your book mentions any areas of areas of special interest then see if you can hold a book signing there. My book, The Dagger's Curse, has a lot of action taking place on The Frigate Unicorn. I spoke to them and held a workshop for children on the boat.

8. Write and interesting blog post about how you got the idea for the book.

9. Write a blog post about one aspect of writing your book. Make this helpful for other writers.

10. Share photo's of your books in interesting places e.g. at the top of a mountain. This is one you will need to think for yourself. 

Now, write a 30 day marketing plan.

I challenge you to start today and remember to have fun. Promoting needn't be boring or stressful. Think of things you can do and enjoy yourself. Ready, steady, go, get marketing.

About the Author

Wendy H. Jones is the author of the best selling DI Shona McKenzie Mystery series of crime novels set in Dundee. Killer's Crew, the fifth booking the series was released in November, 2016, and is currently nominated for the "Silver Falchion Award. Dagger's Curse, the first book in her Fergus and Flora, Young Adult Mystery series was released on 10th September, 2016. This is also nominated for the Silver Falchion Award. An accomplished public speaker and marketer, she also has one non fiction book, Power Packed Book Marketing: Sell More Books.

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Exercises to Stimulate the Creative Juices

I've been thinking a lot abut exercise recently. I was ill for many years and unable to exercise, however I have now fully recovered. Whilst my unexpected recovery is exciting, and I rejoice in my new found freedom, it has left me feeling somewhat unfit. Therefore, exercise and recovering my fitness are at the forefront of my mind.

This has got me thinking about how this new found interest in exercising can help me as a writer. Many researchers have shown. that exercise helps you to focus and stay on task. Many schools are now incorporating exercise into the day to help pupils concentrate. Exercise also helps to enhance creativity. Boom, there's my link to writing. Yes, exercise really does help you to write better, or at least to free your imagination.

So, what exercises help those creative juices to flow? There should be at least 20 minutes of exercise which gets the heart racing a little faster. Anything which you enjoy can count towards exercise. Unless you enjoy sitting watching telly, or sitting down to read. Sorry, that doesn't count. However, going for a walk and listening to an audiobook does count. Listening to a book on writing, and walking is a definite score.

I have recently taken up cycling again and find this to be a great way to get exercise and allow my brain to think differently. I notice things differently as well.

Exercise can also get you out in the fresh air. We've had a bonny spring so far, here in Scotland. Take advantage of the nice weather and exercise outside. You will notice things in different ways. Your mind can free fall and snippets of different ideas will come into your mind. If you can, record them as a voice memo to keep for later. Unless you're flying down a hill on your bike, or in the middle of a game of tennis of course, in which case probably not a good idea.

I appreciate not everyone reading this will be able to do physical exercise. I was at a conference yesterday. Once of the speakers suggested that an hour of free writing before starting the writing for the day, can help free the mind. This is something I certainly intend to try.

My final exhortation, get up and get out. Find a form of exercise you like and challenge yourself to do it every day for the next month. You might find it becomes a habit.

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